Whip-It Odor Bully Instant Odor Neutralizer Spray – Odor Eliminator for Home and Car


About this item PLANT-BASED FORMULA – Powerful botanical formula that eliminates odors at the source.!



Most products for reducing odor simply cover up the smell with a strong burst of chemically-saturated perfume. Once that scent fades, the odor returns full force. The Amazing Whip-It Odor Bully with Nu-Airo Technology permanently eliminates the toughest odors, instantly removing odors from smoke, pet stains, garbage, urine, compost, sports gear, decomposition and countless other sources.Scented by essential oils, this breakthrough odor neutralizer actually eliminates the source of the odor, rendering it undetectable to your sense of smell – and it does it without chemicals or sickly-sweet scents. It works by binding with the odor-causing molecules and removing them from the air, neutralizing specific organic molecules and reducing their concentration in the vapor phase.Environmentally safe and non-toxic, this plant-based, high performance solution is not hazardous, corrosive, flammable or pathogenic, As such, it’s completely safe to use in your home and around your family and pets.The high-performance eco solution comes in a ready-to-use, 32-ounce spray pump bottle, boasting a fresh laundry scent. Best of all, this odor neutralizer is dual purpose! In addition to using as an air freshener and odor neutralizer, you can use it as a light duty cleaner to wipe away grease and grime with ease.Providing long-lasting effectiveness against odors, The Amazing Whip-It permanently removes all those stubborn odors from your life and replaces them with a pleasant, fresh atmosphere. Don’t let kitchen, bathroom, laundry and pet odors bully you around when you can fight back and whip them away for good!


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