Who are we?

Wellcome to Gadinoshop.com!
We are a small company of young engineers and designers, who are tired of bad pest control solutions. We tried dozens of different tools, such as sprays, spirals, electric fumigators, baits, foams, and more. Yet we didn’t want, in any case, to call special services or use chemicals because they are extreme methods. So none of the above methods were good enough.
Therefore, we have developed several new devices and traps, having conducted hundreds of tests to find the perfect solution, based on combinations of different aids and tools against insects and rodents. Finally, we HAVE the answer to these creeping and flying pesky critters!

We continuously develop and improve more methods of fighting pests, using the most advanced technologies to keep pace with the time.

Our combined devices have significant advantages over each of the above methods:
– eco-friendly;
– do not contain harmful chemicals;
– work continuously;
– have a large coverage area;
– affect both flying and crawling insects;
– safe for humans and domestic animals (except for domestic rodents);
– allow you to get rid of pests in the voids of floors and walls.

Once we launched our products on Amazon, in the very first month they became BEST SELLERS and we were truly amazed! People really appreciated our inventions and we are extremely happy to be useful!
We really want our products to help people get rid of the buzzing and gnawing problems, making their lives more pleasant!

Thank you for choosing us!