MoHern Bird Perch, 4 Pcs Bird Toys, Colorful Parrot Toys for Birds to Stand, Sleep and Chew


MATERIAL: bird perch made of natural wood and stainless steel is safe for birds QUILITY: thick wood & the wing nut make bird toys sturdier and more durable TRIM: parrot toys with bright color in bird cages for parakeets attract birds to chew, help your feather friends to preen and condition their beaks SIZE: there are 2 kinds of parakeet toys, the size of platform is 5 * 3.5 inches, and the size of molar stick is 5.5 * 0.6 inches SERVICE: if you have any problem with the MoHern bird perches, just contact us [email protected]



Great bird cage accessories in parakeet cage and cuttlebone for birds not only give dental care for your beloved birds but also keep your parrots busy and less destructive. The steel wing nut and washer make bird perch in parrot cage fits for most cages and connect to cage more easily. Natural and durable, your cockatiel in bird nest will surely enjoy the bearded dragon accessories. These beautiful bird perches will be the best gifts for budgies, get them for your birds! Notes: Natural wood & stainless steel & edible dyes form of the toys. Made of safe materials without harmful color gel, cockatiel toys in bird houses for outside are safe for birds. Cockatiel toy especially suits lively lorikeet, sun parakeet, cockatiel, budgie, cockatoo, etc. Not very suits large birds like macaw or African grey. It’s good for birds’ health to clean bird toys at least once a month. Just remove bird perches from the cage, use a brush to clean bird toys and let parakeet toys dry in the sun. Package Contents and Product Dimensions: 2* platform: 5 * 3.5 inches 2* molar stick: 5.5 * 0.6 inches 6* wing nuts 8* washers


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