PrimePets Cat Scratcher Cardboard and Lounger Recycle Corrugated Scratching Pads Lounge Sofa 2-in-1 Removable Cardboard Scratching Cube Insert with Catnip and Bell Toys


About this item Cat Scratcher for Indoor Cats: Cat scratcher cardboard with catnip and bell ball to satisfy cats’ natural scratching needs. The sturdy design is superior that it could remove 2 parts to play,all of scratching cardboard can be used both sides;Bell-Ball has 2 ways to play, can set on scratching pad, also can be removed. They’ll enjoy hours of exploring, scratching and resting; Note: not for aggressive cats Durable Construction: Higher density harden corrugated cardboard with insert and double-sided design. The high-density textures used on this scratch pad can withstand the constant pressure of daily use and will last twice as long than ordinary ones. Enjoy long-lasting performance and durability Reversible Corrugated Cardboard: MADE WITH 100% RECYCLED CORRUGATED CARDBOARD. Non-Toxic, environmentally friendly material is recyclable, reducing your carbon footprint. Award your cat with the free Organic Catnip (included) which your cat will absolutely love. It is safe for your cats and the environment Cat Scratching Pad with Catnip & Ball: The orange jingle ball and fresh catnip included will attract your kitty to Lay, Climb, Rub, Scratch, Play Hide and more. It is the Best way to Keep your Cats from Scratching Furniture 2 in 1 Cat Scratch Pad with Refills : Extra thick, long lasting, durable construction and reversible cat scratcher with insert. Last 3-4X longer than traditional cat scratcher. It is very sturdy and thick, doesn’t flex or move, and hard for cats to tear



Cat scratcher cardboard with catnip & ball, 2 in 1 cat scratching pad for furniture protecting ✿Novelty Design The cat scratcher cardboard can split 2 parts ,both sides can scratch, make the best of reducing waste. Catnip or ball can attract cats,provide many fun for them. ✿Durability Corrugated Paper The cat scratching pad is made of long lasting recycle corrugated paper, which is made to last, eco-friendly, safe design for satisfy the cat scratching needs ✿Function & Fun The cat cubby scratcher promotes healthy claws through natural scratching & allows your cat to play, scratch, stretch, hide, and more. It’s a wonderful source of exercise, a terrific stress reliever, and it will improve your cats overall wellness as well as balance. ✿Meets Your Cat Scratching Urges Comfortable natural cat scratcher for your cat is more ergonomic than other cat scratching products such as a cat scratching post, cat tree, or cat tower. Also doubles as a place for cats to lounge and hang out and turn it into a cat house or cat bed ✿Healthy and Recycle The Cat Scratching Board is made from recycled high density corrugated cardboard in five layer corrugated paper for ensuring its durability. This cardboard with additional insert lasts longer than similar cat scratcher cardboard ✿Free Catnip and Sound Bell Toy Included The 2 in 1 cat scratching board comes with natural sprinkle catnip and 1 sound bell toys, which removable inserts provides more fun and durability for scratching/ playing. Attracts your cat and helps you entice your cats to have good scratching habits. Additional cut out to place cat toys to help keep your cats interested and entertained for hours!


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