Finest-Filters 1 Metre Roll of 35-45mm Filter Wool / Floss for Aquarium and Pond Filters


This filter wool is ideal for mechanical filtration (wate particle removal) in both aquarium and pond filters alike Finest-Filters rolls of filter wool are 27inches in width (69cm) Measurements for this particular roll: 1 metre x 27″ by 35-45mm thickness Suitable for all types of filter – in both fresh and saltwater aquariums Very effective at removing fine particles in the water – giving the water a final ‘polish’.



Finest-Filters filter wool is used for mechanical filtration of particulate waste from aquarium and pond water. Simply add to your filter – and particles are attracted via electrostatic attraction, giving your water a final polish. Finest-Filters filter wool is made from a totally synthetic material, which is totally safe for use with aquaria. This media can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, along with ponds. This media can be used in all filters – simply cut to size, and add to your filter. Finest-Filters Filter wool come supplied in a large grip seal bag, allowing you to keep the remaining wool clean until required.


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