Vitakraft Menu Vitamin Fortified Parakeet Food, 2.5-Pound


About this item Great tasting flavor your parakeet will love includes a healthy mixture of seeds, grains, tropical fruits and vegetables Key nutrients support overall health and well being while providing a balanced diet. Omega-3-Feet s keep your bird’s feathers bright and colorful. DHA helps maintain heart, brain and respiratory function Resealable bag retains freshness.



Serve your Parakeet a colorful, high diversity mixture of seeds, grains, tropical fruits and vegetables, including rolled oats, safflower, flaxseed, mountain ash berries, colored millet and shredded coconut. DHA Omega-3-Feet s to support brain health, heart function, vision, luxurious feathering, and a strong immune system. Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals for parakeets and budgies. The high bio-availability of Menu ingredients means that your bird gets the nutrients he needs in a form that’s easy to digest, to help keep him healthy, happy and playful. Omega-3-Feet s help keep your bird’s skin smooth and his feathers bright and colorful. Healthy skin and feathers are not just for looks, they feel better too.


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