Senninger Pressure Regulator 25 PSI 3/4″ Hose Thread Drip Irrigation Pressure Reducer Low Flow Valve – Landscape Grade High Performance


About this item Ideal for installations requiring lower flows such as solid set, drip line, soaker hose and other low pressure agriculture, residential and commercial irrigation. This PRLG (Pressure Regulator Landscape Grade) maintains a constant outlet pressure of 25 PSI (1.72 bar) with a flow range between 0.5 – 7 GPM (114 – 1590 L/hr). 100% water tested for accuracy. Senninger pressure regulators are built to rigorous quality standards and are known worldwide for their reliable performance. Proper use of this low flow water regulator maintains sprinkler or droplet flow, distribution uniformity, and the overall efficiency of an irrigation system. It also helps conserve water and energy and extend sprinkler and drip system life in your garden or nursery. Works with any standard 3/4″ outdoor faucet, hose bib, garden hose, water hose, sprinkler manifold, garden soaker hose or home irrigation system. Made in the USA of engineering-grade thermoplastics. This sturdy inline plastic water regulator can be installed above or below ground. No external metal parts for excellent corrosion resistance. Important note: This irrigation pressure regulator regulates dynamic water pressure (the pressure while water is flowing). If measuring this regulator with a pressure gauge, do not screw the gauge directly onto the end of the regulator. This blocks the flow of water and measures static pressure, not dynamic pressure. To measure dynamic water pressure, attach a gauge at the end of your irrigation tubing line, or use an inline gauge that allows water to flow unblocked through the regulator.
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Every system experiences pressure fluctuations resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over or under-watering. In nursery, home & commercial landscape watering systems, pressures can fluctuate when zones cycle on or off or due to elevation changes in the irrigation system. A water pressure regulator works like an automatic valve to limit higher pressure to a desired constant lower pressure. It is important to maintain the correct operating pressure for optimum droplet size and radius of throw. Despite being an essential part of any drip system, pressure regulators are often not included in drip irrigation kits. Pair with backflow preventer and keep extra handy for irrigation repair, replacement parts, or expansion. Attributes: 100% water tested for accuracy Can be installed above or below ground No external metal parts for excellent corrosion resistance Maximum flow path resists plugging Very low hysteresis & friction loss Preset Operating Pressure: 25 PSI (1.72 bar) Maximum Inlet Pressure: 105 psi (7.24 bar) Flow Range: 0.5 – 7 GPM (114 – 1590 L/hr) Inlet Size: ¾” Female hose thread / Outlet Size: ¾” Male hose thread Applications: Drip Line, Low Volume, Nursery, Greenhouse, Solid Set, Pivots & Linear Systems Model #: PRLG-25 / Product #: PRLG253FH3MH Length: 3.1 inches / Width: 1.6 inches Important Note: If you measure PSI of this Pressure Regulator with a Pressure Gauge, please note “End cap” style gauges do not measure accurately because they block flow of water when screwed onto the end of the regulator. The spring inside the regulator only activates when water is actively flowing through it. For accurate results, use a gauge that allows water to flow unblocked through the regulator while measuring.


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