Repellent Ultrasonic Under Hood – Animal Repeller – Rodent Strobe Light – Keep Rat Mice Away from Car Engine Truck Garage Attic Basement Warehouse Barn Shed Vehicle Protection – 2 Pack Mouse Repellers


  • Upgraded vehicles: The robust vehicle-mounted mouse repeller is designed to effectively deter all mice and rodents. Emitting dynamic ultrasonic waves and LED strobe lights, this device employs a frequency range that varies between 0,008 KHz and 0,036 KHz. The continuous operation, coupled with alternating white and red flashing lights, serves to disrupt rats’ psychological defenses, successfully achieving the objective of compelling them to vacate the area.
  • User-friendly and hassle-free: This device requires a straightforward setup: insert the provided battery, charge it, and switch it on for immediate use in your automobile. Portable, rechargeable, and designed for simplicity, it serves multiple purposes in your residence, acting as a backup and fitting conveniently under your car’s hood. It’s an ideal solution for various spaces such as boxes, garages, lofts, etc.
  • Energy Conservation: The Pest Repeller boasts a built-in vibration sensor, guaranteeing remarkably low energy consumption. To further extend battery life, the automatic standby function can be configured to deactivate when the car starts and automatically reactivate two minutes later. With a full charge, the device is capable of lasting for 40 days of continuous use. Four AA batteries ensure that their use won’t deplete the car’s power (batteries not supplied).
  • Effective Solution: Effectively ward off rodents like mice, squirrels, and rats from your garage, automobile, and various spaces without causing them harm. This solution eliminates the need to deal with the aftermath of dead insects or enlist the help of pest control professionals. Utilizing low-frequency ultrasound, it ensures that there is no interference with people’s ability to sleep.
  • Customer service: We have invested substantial efforts in creating the most effective mouse deterrent tool for our valued customers. Should you have any inquiries or encounter issues with this automotive mice deterrent, please feel free to reach out to us. We are dedicated to finding optimal solutions to address your concerns and ensure your satisfaction. For added assurance, our product is registered with the EPA under Registration Number: 101385-CHN-1.


Product Description


The infiltration of rodents into your car may cause fatigue and unease. However, with our ultrasonic pest deterrent, this problem can be swiftly and effectively addressed. The spider repellent plug-in may pleasantly surprise you with its effectiveness after just a few days of use.

Power supplies and setting up pest repeller: 03 ways to install:

1). Lift the back cover and place 4 x AA batteries (batteries not provided), ensuring correct alignment with the positive and negative terminals.

2). 2. Connect the USB cord to the optional DC 5-12V adaptor for a convenient and adaptable power source. (not included).

3). Connect included cables to DC 5-12V vehicle power, pay attention to the black lead/negative(-) and red lead/positive(+) to avoid error settings. For indoor automobiles, trunks, and under-the-hood storage, use this technique.


1. Power input: DC 5~12V

2. Working current: 5mA

3. Rated consumption: 0.1W

Package mice repellent plug in included:

– 2 Units of rat repellent

– 1 USB cable

– 1 DC 5-12V cable

– 4 Cable ties


– To activate the mice ultrasonic repeller, simply press the power button. A functioning unit will display a red indicator light and activate the flashlight, signaling its effectiveness in deterring invading pests.

– Should any system complications arise with the insect repellent plug, avoid attempting self-repairs. Instead, reach out to our dedicated team of experts for assistance and guidance. Your safety and the optimal performance of the product are our top priorities.


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