Kevin Bacon’s Hoof solution pour fourchettes molles et pourries


Based On A Century Old Remedy And Formulated From Natural Products, This Intense Antibacterial And Fungicidal Solution May Assist In Combating Thrush In The Frog And Bacteria In The White Line Its Antiseptic Properties And Astringent Action Make It An Excellent Product For Drying Out And Cleaning Infected Keratinized Tissues Tin Includes Application Brush 150 Ml Barcode : 5425023550212



Made from natural products to quickly restore hoof soundness. The moisture and acidity of stable floors and bedding affect the soles and frogs of horse’s feet, weakening or damaging them. Kevin Bacon’s Hoof solution acts like a 24 hour bandage, insulating the sole and frog from the outside environment. Product Details: Fast-acting Easy to use Allows damaged tissue to heal faster Regular applications will keep hooves clean and sound Instructions for use: -Brush the sole, clefts, and frog of the foot meticulously (without using water!) and remove all dirt and necrotic tissue. -Shake the bottle a few seconds before each application in order to resuspend the active ingredients. -Preventive care: Apply once a week. -Damaged frogs: Apply once. -Very damaged frogs: Apply once a day for 3-5 days (depending on severity).


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