Kaytee Premium Timothy Treat Chew-A-Bowl for Small Animals


About this item 100% Edible Toy, Chew & Treat Combination Ideal For Bonding & Added Habitat Enrichment Made With Timothy Hay, Grains, And Vegetables Delicious Grains And Vegetables For Added Flavor Variety Supports Dental Health By Encouraging Natural Chewing Activity



Kaytee Premium Timothy Chew-A-Bowl offers an edible solution to your everyday food dish. Chew-A-Bowl will provide hours of enrichment and support dental health through encouraging chewing activity. Chew-A-Bowl is 100% edible and made with America’s favorite Timothy Hay. Simply add your favorite Kaytee food to the bowl but remember this bowl is not intended to be used as a water dish! For maximum freshness, store in a cool, dry place. Our industry leadership inspires us to bring you quality, provide unmatched service, and create innovative new products—food, treats, bedding, toys, habitats, and accessories. Kaytee is committed to the comfort and safety of small animal pets, pet birds, and wild birds.


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