Harris Premium Succulent and Cactus Potting Soil Mix, Fast Draining with Added Nutrients, 4 Quarts


Balanced Blend – Professional quality mix of forest humus, pumice, compost, perlite, peat moss, fish bone meal and limestone Excellent Drainage – Fast draining formula prevents root compaction to keep your succulent and cacti healthy Versatile – Use indoors or outdoors on a variety of cacti, succulent and drought tolerant plants such as Burro’s Tail, Echeverias, Houseleek See the Difference – Ready to use, pH balanced formula provides the drainage and nutrients cacti and succulents need to flourish Easy Zip Bag – Packaged in a 4 quart resealable zip bag for ongoing use



Harris Succulent & Cactus Potting Mix is a balanced blend of premium quality Forest Humus, Pumice, Compost, Perlite, Sphagnum Peat Moss, Fish Bone Meal and Limestone to provide the best drainage and stability for your succulents and cacti. This blend is designed for excellent drainage and water holding capabilities at the same time! Great for all indoor and outdoor cactus, succulents and drought tolerant plants. Most succulents are slow growing. The key to optimal growth is well-drained soil. As a general rule, fast growing species should be repotted every two to three years and slow growing species every three to four years. DIRECTIONS: Select desired container – ones with drain holes are recommended. Fill container about 1/3 full of blend. Incorporating small pebbles at the bottom also encourage drainage. Loosen plant and roots carefully from previous container. Gardening gloves or silicone-tongs are recommended to gently handle spiky plants. Place into new container. Fill in remaining areas around roots with blend – press lightly. It is recommended NOT to water immediately. Refer to plant tags for their specic needs, but you may choose to water 5-7 days after repotting. Within 7-10 days after planting, begin your regular fertilizer program as needed or recommended.


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