Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer at Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector, Orange


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The New Garrett Pro-Pointer AT is a new upgraded addition to their very popular original Pro-Pointer metal detector. The Pro Pointer AT has outstanding new detector features, mainly a totally submersible waterproof housing rated to a depth of 10 feet. The Pro AT is a perfect tool for those who metal detect on the beach and in shallow to chest deep water, plus others who venture into deeper waters and want the best metal detectors for locating coins, gold jewelry, relics and other valuables that cannot be reached by non-submersible detection locators. Other features are a single one button operation for Power, Retune Sensitivity adjustment to three (3) levels and silent mode vibration. The Pro pointer AT has an Automatic Power-Off feature to save battery life, Lost Pinpointer Alarm lets you easily find pinpointer if lost. Fast Retune: With quick button press that instantly tunes out environment conditions of salt water minerals plus mineralized sand and ground, or narrows your detection field for precise pinpointing of larger targets. The Garrett AT Pro-Pointer also includes patented proportional audio, silent vibration, and built in scraping blade to sift through soil and sand plus a built in ruler to measure how deep your treasure was located. LED flashlight for low light uses in murky water, caves, holes, and under ledges All these metal detector features and more in a bright International Orange housing that can be seen more easily under water! What’s Included: Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer Garrett Belt Holster Lanyard Attachment Loop 9 Volt Alkaline Battery


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