FitBest Carburetor for Honda GX240 GX270 8HP 9HP Engines Replaces 16100-ZE2-W71 1616100-ZH9-820 Carb


┃REPLACE PART NUMBER┃ Carburetor replaces Honda Part #: 16100-ZH9-W21 16100-ZE2-W71 1616100-ZH9-820, Air filter replaces 17210-ZE2-515 17210-ZE2-822 17210-ZE2-821 ┃COMPATIBLE WITH MODELS┃ Fits Honda GX240 8HP GX270 9HP Engines Motor Go Kart Generator 270cc WT30X Water Pump Pressure Washer Lawn Mower ┃OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE┃ Items are constructed with premium materials to greatly improve the performance of your engine and make it powerful, reliable, durable, and quiet ┃VALUE PACKAGE┃ Including 1 Carburetor, 1 Intake manifold , 3 Gaskets, 1 Spark Plug and 1 Air filter ┃SATISFACTORY AFTER-SALES SERVICE┃ We are confident about the quality of our products, and can confidently stand behind them with a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us and we will help you solve the problem and make you satisfied



Carburetor replaces Honda Part #: 16100-ZH9-W21 16100-ZE2-W71 1616100-ZH9-820 Air filter replaces: 17210-ZE2-515 17210-ZE2-822 17210-ZE2-821 17218-ZE2-821 Common Applications: Pressure washers Commercial lawn and garden equipment Tillers / cultivators Generators Construction / industrial equipment Agricultural equipment Small vehicles Water pumps Fits Engine Models: GX240 7.9 hp (5.9 kW) GX270 8.4 hp (6.3 kW) GX240K1 (Type HA2/A)(VIN# GC04-4400001-9999999) Small Engine GX240K1 (Type LX2/A)(VIN# GC04-4400001-9999999) Small Engine GX240U1 (Type HXQ4)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine GX240R1 (Type VTA2)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine GX240K1 (Type VTA2)(VIN# GC04-3000001-4399999) Small Engine GX240U1 (Type LHE4)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine GX240U1 (Type HA2)(VIN# GCAKK-1000001) Small Engine GX240K1 (Type WKT2)(VIN# GC04-3000001-4399999) Small Engine GX240K1 (Type VTA2/A)(VIN# GC04-4400001-9999999) Small Engine WT30XK1 (Type CR)(VIN# GC04-1000001-1528199) Water Pump WT30XK2 (Type AC)(VIN# GC04-3000001-4399999) Water Pump WT30XK3 (Type AC/A)(VIN# GC04-4400001-9999999) Water Pump WT30XK4 (Type AC)(VIN# GCBHT-1000001-9999999) Water Pump Specifications: Center mounting hole distance:52mm Core hole:21mm Choke hole:26mm


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