Dyna-Gro DYFOL008 Foliage Pro, 8-Ounce


About this item Excellent for Tropical Foliage Plants A high nitrogen formula with essential minerals plants need for vigorous growth Foliage-Pro 9-3-6 is a complete Tropical Foliage Formula Only 1/ 4 tsp. per gallon



A high nitrogen, low phosphorus complete nutrition formula that optimizes health and growth of tropical foliage and common interior scape plants. Its urea free continuous use program couldn’t be simpler. Healthier plants look better, require less frequent replacement and, resist environmental stresses. Foliage-Pro 9-3-6 is a complete liquid plant nutrient developed with ten years of field and laboratory testing. Foliage-Pro is formulated in the 3-1-2 N-P-K ratio recommended by Apopka Research Center in Florida for foliage production. It eliminates deficiencies and harmful salt build up. Interior scapes everywhere prefer Foliage-Pro to maintain healthy, controlled growth of foliage plants and trees, thus reducing replacement cost. It outperforms all others in low light environments. Greenhouse production of all plants is enhanced with the use of Foliage-Pro.


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