Dog Squeaky Toys for Small Dogs, 12 Pack Puppy Toys for Teething Cute Small Dog Toys Stuffed Plush Dog Toy Bundle Natural Cotton Puppy Rope Toy Dog Chew Toys for Puppies Pet Toys for Dogs


About this item 🐕12 PACK PUPPY TOYS FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Various fun in one set! Including 7 pack dog squeaky toys raccoon, monkey, cactus, dog, duck, cow, hedgehog, and 5 pack natural cotton dog rope toys for teething puppies. Great value for the number of cute dog toys you get, which meet different requirements of a dog’s daily life requirements, such as chewing, training, and interactive playing. Whether you participate in the game or not, your dog can be happy, give you a choice to relax. 🐕SQUEAKY DOG TOYS FOR PUPPIES: Cute animal family, let’s get the party! Each is made of high-quality plush, incredibly soft and skin-friendly, and has a built-in squeaker, not too loud, but always attracts your pup, creates hours and hours of fun. Help divert your dog’s attention from furniture, develop correct behaviors from an early age, and keep your home tidy. All puppy chew toys are made to be washable and easy to use. 🐕SAFE PUPPY TEETHING CHEW TOYS: Get the dog’s favor while letting you rest assured. Chew toys for dogs are made of tight, multi-colored cotton ropes which are 100% natural, no plastic/glue, and absolutely safe for your pet. Play the role of dental floss, thousands of fibers penetrate every corner of puppies’ mouth, so that they can get gum massage and relieve stress, reduce the formation of tartar and dental plaque when playing. Perfect size for puppies and small-medium breeds of dogs. 🐕HAPPY GAMING-SELF & INTERACTIVE PLAYING DOG TOYS FOR BOREDOM: Stuffed animal dog squeaky toys make a cute sound always attract your pup and keep them busy in a good mood. They tossing, chasing, or running towards you with toys, inviting you to play fetch games. Cotton dog rope toys of different lengths for pull or tug of war games between dogs or with you, that positively enhanced the friendship. Various toys for dogs get fun anywhere, anytime, and relax you when busy. 🐕HAPPY DOG GOES WOOF: Ideal gift for your pup, each dog toy is unique, but all of them will be your pet’s favorites – this dog toy set is best for different occasions: from fun indoor activities to outdoor games with your dog. More fun, teeth cleaning, exercise in daily use. Not for aggressive chewers since we choose the safest material, not the strongest. Feel free to contact us before or after your purchase with any questions or confusion, we guarantee a refund or replacement within 60 days.



LOVELY DOG TOYS SET FOR YOUR PUPPY! JUST TRY IT! YOU WILL GET HAPPY DOG, TIDY HOUSE AND RELAX! SUPER VALUE, 12PACK PUPPY TOYS CONTAINS: 5x DOG COTTON ROPE TOY 1X HEDGEHOG DOG TOYS 1X RACCOON DOG TOYS 1X MONKEY DOG TOYS 1X CACTUS DOG TOYS 1X DUCK DOG TOYS 1X COW DOG TOYS 1X DOG TOYS Attractive in number and quality, just by one, make your dog happy while meeting all requirements of a dog’s daily life such as chewing, teeth cleaning, training, and interactive playing. Being a best friend to accompany your puppy to grow up happy and healthy. EASE BOREDOM: Stuffed dog squeaky toys are super cute, will be your dog’s good friends. No boring or lonely for your dogs even if you are busy. CHEWING/TEETHING TOYS: 100% cotton rope toys act as teeth floss, help to clean dog’s teeth, fresh the breath. Protect dental health in daily play. INDOOR&OUTDOOR GAMES: Fetch, toss, all toys can be used in/outdoor. Dogs can play with themselves or interactive games with you, have a fun time! By encouraging positive games, this dog toy set helps to develop a healthy chewing habit and solve problems such as chewing, teeth cleaning, anxiety, boredom, training, and barking. Natural handmade cotton rope toys with handles are suitable for indoor and outdoor activities, convenient to play with your dogs, such as tug of war, toss and fetch games. That positively enhances the relationship between you and your dogs. Dogs will never stop getting fun with these cute dog toys when you are busy, so give you a choice about whether to participate in games with dogs at any time. IDEAL GIFT Perfect Starter Teething Toy set, lots of toys for long a time using.


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