PrimePets Grass Mat for Rabbits Bunny, 3 Pack, Woven Hay Mat for Small Animals, Natural Straw Bedding Resting Cage Mat for Guinea Pig Parrot Chinchilla Hamster Rat


  • Premium All Natural Material: These woven bunny mat are made of 100% dried straw, are handwoven, non toxic, and allergen free, completely safe for your cute pets
  • Suitable for Small Animals: Each natural grass mat is 11”x 8.3”. The perfect size for small animals like guinea pig, rabbits, dogs, chinchillas, hamsters, cockatoos, cats, grays, amazons, and macaws
  • Multi-Function: Small animal bedding mats are suitable for small pets who love the natural feel of the woven hay. It’s safe for them to rabbit bunny chewing and they’ll love scampering around, laying on and resting on these mats.
  • Perfect Pet Bed Mat: Your pet will enjoy these hay mat for the soft and natural footing, for gnawing when they wear their teeth or are just feeling like they need to release some energy or aggression. They can chew and even consume bits of straw without any issue
  • Package Contents: Your purchase includes 3 *grass mats. Your pet will love this little natural hay carpet!


rabbit grass mat

Perfect Rabbit Cage Accessories:

  • 100% Natural Hand-Woven Rabbit Grass Mat Woven Bed Mat, Bunny Bedding Nest Chew Toy, Bed Play Toy for Guinea Pig Parrot Rabbit Bunny Hamster Rat.
  • The grass mat is a multi-utility mat that you can use either as bedding or as a chewable toy.
  • Handmade woven grass mats allow small animals to feel the scent of nature, comforted their uneasy heart.
  • Our grass mat also is used to grind their teeth, Natural handmade mats, without any chemicals, also with the fresh scent of grass, you can rest assured that pet bites.
  • It’s hand-woven especially for small animals and provides utmost comfort to them. This can also be placed inside a cage for its small size.


bunny grass mat


  • Material: Hand-woven Natural Straw
  • It is a hay product that is meant to be safe for chewing/eating. No any strange smell. Thick and smell fresh.
  • Each natural grass mat is 11”x 8.3”, you can put it inside the cage or a pet carrier.


rabbit grass mat

rabbit grass mat

rabbit grass mat

Perfect Pet Bedding Mat:

These mats not only can be used for rabbits, but also for guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, macaws, Holland lop, and other small animals. Please confirm the size before your ordering!

This hay mat can be also used for Birds. You can put these grass mats under the bird cages. This can make cage cleaning easier for you.

Natural Hay Mat:

The natural rabbit grass mat allows small animals to feel the breath of nature and relieve the anxiety and pressure of pets. Perfect to keep them busy and from chewing up your home.

Safe to Your Pets:

The mats are bound with grass ropes, so there are no inedible or dangerous pieces. A great activity to alleviate boredom and grind their teeth.


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