Mutt Mitt 2-ply Dog Waste/Poop Pick Up Bag on Hanger Cards, 800-count


  • *2-Ply patented construction
  • *Huge bottom pouch forms a “mitt”
  • *Puncture Resistant
  • *Each Individiual Mutt Mitt is 13″ x 9″
  • *Largest dog waste capacityy



  • Case of 800, 2-Ply Mutt Mitts.
  • White bag, with black second-ply around bottom.
  • 8 Header Cards with 100 Mutt Mitts each.
  • Fits all header bag dispensers. Header hole spacing is 5″ apart.
  • Field tested to hold water for 7 days without leaking!
  • SIZE: 9″ x 12.75″ , with 9″ gusset “mitt” bottom.
  • Thickness: White 1 mil, Black 1 mil = 2 mil total thickness
  • Color: WHITE with BLACK second-ply
  • The Mutt Mitt 2-Ply bag is the safest and most convenient dog waste pick-up bag in the world!



Each case contains 8 header cards.
Each Header card has 100 mitts.

  • Easily divide or split for use now & later.
  • Gift some headers to friends/family.
  • Easy to hang & store.


Patented 2-Ply Design

Each header holds all 100 bags in an organized, easy to tear-off, design.
These bags work just as well hanging on your wall at home as they do in commercial bag dispensers.

Thickest dog waste pickup bag on the market!
Featuring a patented 2-ply design, these bags provide extra thickness where you need it most – at the bottom of the bag!

You won’t see, nor feel, what you’re picking up.
Isn’t that the point of using dog waste bags?


Other Features Included

The patented 2-Ply design also incorporates a “gusset” pouch to allow for larger pickups.
Other bags use flat, rectangular, and restrictive designs that don’t create an actual pouch for grabbing the waste. This then forces you to either bunch the bag up, to create your own pouch, or use the sides of the bag; resulting in less room to tie the bag closed. Our gusset pouch allows you to grab the waste from both sides, without compromising the sides or size of the bag.

Large breed dog? Not a problem! As you can see, the gusset pouch offers more room for larger pickups; bigger than any other dog waste bag can handle.

In addition, this bag’s design uses side seams.
What does that mean exactly? -There’s no chance your hand will rip or tear through a seam on the pouch and be exposed to waste, as there are no seams on the pouch!
Your hand stays perfectly protected and enclosed behind the 2 mil thick barrier.

This is the premier pick up bag; perfect for keeping your local environment clean from dog waste!


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