Fluval Biological Cleaner for Aquariums, 8.4-Ounce


About this item Reduces aquarium maintenance by cleaning gravel, power filters, decorations and interior surfaces Rapidly reduces organic waste Digests waste in filters, gravel and aquarium surfaces Very beneficial for goldfish, cichlid and heavily populated aquariums Use with Fluval Biological Enhancer for optimal protection against ammonia and nitrate



Fluval Biological Cleaner helps reduce aquarium maintenance by helping to reduce waste in gravel, power filters, decoration and on interior aquarium surfaces. Fluval Biological Cleaner rapidly reduces organic waste from overfeeding, fish waste and other decaying material such as plant leaves and is especially beneficial for goldfish, cichlids, heavily populated and other aquariums where greater amounts of fish waste are expected. Fluval Biological Cleaner is suitable for fresh and saltwater tanks.


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